Quality Testing
Proven Quality, Daily Testing

At Triple Springs, samples of our water are tested daily. We are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and consistently score within the Top Twenty Club of the International Bottled Water Association's industry-wide quality assurance program. In addition, we employ private consultants to oversee all aspects of our bottling operations. With every inspection, we continue to exceed industry standards for water that is refreshingly pure and palatable.
Water Cooler

All of the testing conducted at Triple Springs is in accordance with state and federal regulations and ensures that the water you drink from our springs is not only refreshing and crisp but pure and healthy. In addition, the NSF provides us with a comprehensive report of all test results done on both the source and our finished product each year. This report is available to consumers for review anytime during our normal business hours.

We are proud of the quality of our water. Please see for yourself by viewing our lab reports in the downloadable files.