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Our Facilities
State-of-the-Art In the Center of the State

Triple Springs Spring Water Company bottles its water directly at the source in Meriden, Connecticut.  From our facilities at 199 Ives Avenue, members of our team bottle the water and prepare it for delivery throughout Connecticut and with distributors available in select areas of Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.  Our sales and delivery staff can assist you with all of your home or office water delivery needs.

Water Bottles
Our bottling plant was developed with cutting edge technology and unparalleled sanitation measures in mind.  Water directly from the spring is bottled once a day and is inventoried for immediate delivery or direct sales.  Triple Springs bottles in a variety of sizes including 3 and 5 gallon bottles with "No Spill" caps, 1 gallon bottles and 20 ounce sport bottles.  Our staff maintains stringent inventory controls.  The bottling plant boasts impressive stainless steel machinery that helps to maintain the purity and cleanliness of both our water and our plant.